About us

With an installed base of thousands of instruments, and over 10 years of creating exceptional technology, we are the world's leading independent producer of real-time PCR systems.


Our engineers have a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions in the fields of:

  • Thermal control
  • Disposables
  • Optics
  • Electronics
  • Industrial design
  • Software


We serve customers all over the world, from start-ups to multinationals with:

  • Branded systems - MyGoPCR.com
  • OEM solutions
  • Custom modules
PCR Mount


IT-IS Life Science Ltd.
Bldg 1000, Units 1201 & 1202
City Gate
Mahon, Cork
Republic of Ireland

Company no: 479057
VAT no: IE 975 501 9M
Registered in the Republic of Ireland

+353 21 206 9860